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It all starts with branding! You will no doubt experience a unique trip armed with our branding. Branding is your business. Our team delivers authentic brands that transport cities, communities and destinations toward their full potential.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

SEO Common Questions

What is SEO?

Backend server is the core of any mobile service. The cost of professional server maintenance can easily exceed project budget. However, Know Idea maintenance solution that suits your requirement the best.

How is SEO service priced?

SEO services ranges in price depending on what you want from it. The keyword you provide makes huge difference on pricing as well. For example, boost the ranking for extreme hot keyword such as "Vancouver Realtor" is much more difficult than doing the same for a less popular keyword, say "Manitoba Realtor". The final price of SEO service is depedning on keywords search results, industrial competetivity, and other factors.

When will SEO work for my site?

SEO isn’t something you install or plug in to your website. It’s not a ‘one-time’ operation. Good SEO is a process. Research and planning are critical components of it. Usually, after 3-6 months of SEO implementation, the ranking of your website will start to boost. So our SEO plans all starts at 3-6 months period.

What kind of keyword should I provide?

Right now we are only accepting keywords with less than 1 million search results. If the keywords you want is extremly popular, we suggest you use another combination to avoid unnessensary competition. For instance,  keyword "Vancouver" or "Realtor" each returns more than 5 millions of results.However, the combination of "Vancouver" + "Realtor" only returns less than 1 million results. Therefore, it's a much better choice.

SEO Plan and Pricing


Customer provides 5 keywords, and we guaratee one of them will rank at top 10 within 6 month



6 Months



Small local business or

Single language websites



Plan Pricing




Customer provides 8 keywords, and we guaratee one of them will rank at top 10 within 4 month



4 Months



Medium chain business



Plan Pricing




Customer decides to provide certain number of keywords, and chooses guarateed ranking



3-6 Months



Chain business or

Multi-languages websites



Plan Pricing



Branding Services and Pricings

Special Offers

Logo/Graphic Design

• Project Description: Design Logo, Poster, Visual Identity for costumer’s brand.

• Project Detail: We will provide 3 design scheme and 1 free editing

• Project duration: 2-3 business days

Starting at $168+

WeChat Public Account

• Project Description: Apply WeChat Public Account and set up basic functional menu

• Project Requirement: Costumer must provide all information needed for applying

• Project duration: 2-3 business days

Starting at $288+

WeChat Site

• Project Description: Design and develop mobile web app that is specified for WeChat Public Account

• Project Requirement: Costumer must already have public account, and provide all branding materials

• Project duration: 5-7 business days

Starting at $398+


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