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About Know Idea Technology Ltd.

Sept. 2014

The Legend had Begun...



Know Idea Technology LTD. was founded by Bright, Frank, James, and Oscar in Burnaby, BC.

Andy joined the team.

Know idea had its own office.

The development department started operating.




Ginger, George, and Alan joined the team.

Know school IOS version was in development.




Know School Version 1.0 launched for SFU, and hit over 10,000 downloads within just one month. Know School received its first angel investment of

100,000 CAD.




Tuo and Aaron joined the team.

Know Idea moved to new office.

Know School version 2.0 is in designing process.




Fan joined the team. New Version of Know School was in development.



More Exciting Stories are Happening...

Tony, Kelvin, and Allen joined the team. New Version of Know School was in development.

About Know Idea Team

Founding Team

Bright Guo


Bright was also the founder and chairman of a local education institute. With passion in the technology industry and various experience in management, he is leading the Know Idea team towards the peak of the world.

Frank Feng

James Lin

Oscar Zhang



Technical Director/Co-Founder

Frank has over 5 years of experience with software development. As the technical director of the company, he is responsible for leading the development team as well as project management.

With strong background in both system engineering and bussiness administration, James is responsible for both the public relation and product quality.

Oscar has years of experience with web development and related technical support. As the technical director of Know Idea, Oscar brings the most advanced technical methodology and support to the development team, and knows how to negotiate with clients

Development Team

George Zhang

Congran Wang

Tianye Zhou

Chief Engineer


Sales Manager

Ting Fei

Meng Zhang

Fan Lin

Administrative Manager

Administrative Assistant


Join Us

Join our dream team!

Are you interested in App, web development and the IT industry. Are you willing to contribute to a fast growth early start up? Please send your resume to : ffeng@knowidea.ca with the title you're applying in the subject line. If you have a personal portfolio, please send it as well. For recent graduate, please attach your transcipt.




• Manage end-to-end logistics, promotion and presence at tradeshows and hosted client events.

• Understand the company's product and introduce it to potential clients.

• Manage time and schedule individually while finishing tasks.

• Participating in promotion activities in variable university campuses.

• Contribute to engagement across the Know Idea social channels.


• Fluent in English, strong public speaking and comminication ability.

• Flexible time, can work part-time or fulltime.

• Open minded, can finish work independently, and love team work.

• Good understanding about technology and mobile APPs.

Part-time/Hourly pay




• Develop, test, investigate, document, and refactor code contributing to API backend services.

• Build and maintain the connection between server end and mobile client end.

• Participated and contribute in product feature design and system design.

• Indetify and assist in mitigating technical, schedule, and other project risks.

• Learn, work, and thrive in an Agile Scrum environment.


• Familiar with IOS and Android system.

• Fluent with at least 3 different programming languages from C#, Python, PHP, Perl, C/C++ or any others.

• Open minded, can finish work independently

• Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field

• Fluent in both Chinese and English.

Fulltime/Annually pay

Know Idea Partners


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